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This is the first picture I clicked on in the Messages from the Universe Flickr group I found through a blog post today. It is laugh-out-loud timely, but not something I should do …. So I’m posting it here to inspire someone else instead.


One of our tasks in Mondo Beyondo last week was to identify our energizers – those things that we do that bring energy to our lives.  They can be big or small and they are completely individual.  I realized while thinking about it that music is a huge energizer of mine.

Oddly enough – a few of my favorite bloggers have been posting new music that they’re listening to.  In fact Maggie from Mighty Girl is posting Friday Mixtapes as she tries to accomplish her goal of listening to 1000 new songs from her Mighty List.  I love this idea, but have no idea if I can commit to a certain amount or a certain day, so I’ll just post my music finds when I can!

One of my favorites came from All Songs Considered recently.  This was the first time I stumbled across Project Song (I think I saw it from a post on Facebook? You can “like” them here

Moby created this song in an insanely short period of time.  I love it.  I also love Kelli Scarr’s voice so I’m looking into songs by her next.

You can watch the making of the song on NPR’s website here –

I’ve been feeling off lately.  Not in a physical sick kind of way, but in a exhausted, lack of creativity, don’t want to think about things kind of way.  In fact, it lasted for the last half of April into the beginning half of May.  This happens periodically and I have yet to narrow down the causes.

A few weeks ago, I read on a blog about a woman going through the same kind of thing.  In fact, it seems to be fairly common in the blogs I visit.  She felt like she was in a funk for lack of a better phrase.  To boot herself out of it and re-envigorate her creativity, she signed up for an online class called Mondo Beyondo.  I checked it out and found myself fascinated.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the class and all of a sudden I was excited about something again!!  I kept telling myself I should wait and not sign up for something spur of the moment, but it kept calling to me.  I decided to give myself an early birthday present and signed up – I couldn’t resist.

Class started officially on Monday, but last week (week zero) they posted the most beautiful, amazingly inspirational pieces.  The e-zine Beginnings by Jen Lemen has been printed on my color printer and waiting to be bound … or maybe just framed on my walls!

If anyone else is feeling down, or ready to change things up and create wild impossible dreams, check out the class.  I’m pretty sure they will be starting another one this fall.  I’m only five days into the class and already feeling amazing.  I highly recommend it!

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