I realized this morning that I’m constantly rushing.  When I leave the house or the office I’m always in a huge rush to get where I’m going.  It’s completely self imposed, because 9 out of 10 times I’ve planned very well and have plenty of time.

This morning when I took the kids to Kids Camp for the first time this summer, I realized I usually charge across the grass to the building saying “hurry guys”, “come on guys”, “lets move it!”.  This time I decided to walk on the path …. that path that takes maybe an extra 30 seconds to get to the building.

This isn’t quite a “stop and smell the flowers” post, but it is a “you don’t always have to be in such a rush” reminder.

It’s very timely that I’m starting the Dream Lab from Mondo Beyondo.  It’s all about rest, kindness, and play this summer.  This could be really good for me!