I’m creating an iTunes playlist of my 101 favorite songs….

This is very different from my other favorites I’ve posted here.  I think I first saw this concert video at my parents house.  My daughter fell in love with it and watched it over and over again.  The absolutely stunning backdrop of Slane Castle just adds to the beauty of the whole thing.  I wish the youtube video was a little better, but if you want to see the entire concert, Amazon sells it here.  After many years of research, my mom’s family tracked our ancestry back to Ireland, and then tracked that branch of the family tree forward to the current generation.  Two years ago, my mom and uncle went to visit some of our distant cousins there.  It turns out two of them were at this concert.   We haven’t found them in the crowd shots yet, but my daughter keeps looking!

We were able to see them in concert during a trip to Florida last year.  The universe brought everything in line to allow my brother and his girlfriend, the kids and I, our mom & dad, and Aunt & Uncle to all be at my parents house in Florida at the same time Celtic Women had a concert in Tampa.  We drove up for the concert, and with the exception of my son, everyone really enjoyed it.  Their voices are amazing!

Celtic Woman: Caledonia