I love this app. It’s one of several that I access almost daily on both iPad and iPhone. They also recently announced a new android app. Best news ….. It’s FREE!! Gotta love that.

Zite is a personalized magazine. You choose the topics you are interested in, either from the list provided or type in your own categories. You can also add your twitter and google reader accounts. The app then searches the web and brings information you are interested in to you. It is a great way to find new content, new ideas, new people or sites to follow. Flipboard, a similar magazine style reader, is excellent for viewing content you are already subscribed to via your twitter account, Facebook, instagram etc, but Zite excels at bringing you content you may not see elsewhere.


As you read articles you have the option to thumbs up or down, click to get more articles similar to a particular topic, and one click access to sharing to other networks. I use the instapaper, Facebook, twitter, and email options all the time. The truly great behind the scenes aspect is how Zite learns what you like in order to improve the content they deliver. I highly recommend taking the extra second or two to thumbs up or down articles.



App: Zite by Zite, Inc