Discovered via episode #93 

Postagram is a free app available for iPhone and Android from Sincerely.

This app is such a great idea.  Once you sign up for a free account, the app will allow you to use the photos on your phone and you also have the ability to sync to your Instagram account and Facebook for additional photo options.  You choose a picture, customize the message, add a recipient, and for .99 the company will print and mail your postcard.

The really great part of these postcards is the ability to pop the picture out of the card and keep it.  You can put it in a photo album or hang it up on the wall, fridge (with magnet), in your office, at home … wherever.  The idea is you have a printed photo of a digital photo.  Now this of course is not something new, you can make prints of digital photos just about everywhere and for less than .99 a photo.  The unique part of this is the postcard mailing.  It’s just nice to get things in the actual mail these days and for .99 a piece this is a pretty fun way to make that happen.

Pros: It’s a unique way to get a physical copy of a photo taken on the iPhone, or from facebook and Instagram.  It’s very quick and easy to choose the photo, edit the message, and send, all for .99 a piece.

Cons: I wish there was an easy way through the app to view past orders.  I sent three postagrams the first night I downloaded the app, and there was no easy way for me to show my friends later.  I like to show apps to the people I work with and couldn’t find a way to show them past orders on the app.

If your goal is to create a physical copy of a digital photo, this isn’t the best choice.  If your goal is to send a unique item to friends and family this is a pretty great way to do it.