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As I turn(ed) 35 tomorrow a week almost two weeks ago, I decided to list the 34 highlights of last year. (it’s taken me awhile to put these all together).

  1. I helped create a Happiness Group with three other amazing women.
  2. Which has grown to nine other amazing women.
  3. I started grad school (gasp).
  4. I finally saw New Orleans (most amazing cabbies ever!). *eta and got a tour in the front seat of an ambulance (can’t believe I didn’t include that originally!)
  5. I took a family trip, just me and the kids to visit family in DC & the LAKE!
  6. I filed for divorce after 1 1/2 years of separation (I’m both sad and happy).
  7. I continue to maintain a healthy relationship with the father of my children.
  8. I started my Mondo Beyondo list.
  9. I helped plan and host the First Annual Happiness Retreat. (oh lord was that fun!)
  10. I read over 150 books through 2009 (link shows 110 when I stopped counting).
  11. I received (in conjunction with my board) the first ever Outstanding Young Agents Committee Award for MAIA.
  12. I watched my son finally click with reading.
  13. I won a 46″ flat screen LED TV in a raffle drawing.
  14. I won a makeover from Connecting Women in Business.
  15. I won a dinner for four from Whitecaps (which I turned into a Happiness dinner for 10).
  16. I surprised my dad for his 60th birthday (with my mom’s help).
  17. We hired a photographer to capture the first all family vacation.
  18. I finally painted my bathroom (it’s been primed for 10 years).
  19. I created a vision board.
  20. I participated in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k in Detroit.
  21. I challenged the establishment and lost, but found out I enjoy being outside of it better.
  22. I had surgery on my elbow (Cubital Tunnel).
  23. I realized pain is tolerable when there’s an end in sight (pregnancy) and not so much when it’s just pain (surgery).
  24. I started planning my dream trip to Italy (let’s see how long it takes me to get there!).
  25. I uncluttered my house ….. which I kind of need to do again!
  26. I experienced New Moon mania (movie with the Happiness girls, then midnight DVD release).
  27. I taught a class on Social Media to my peers. (at Garland Resort – BEAUTIFUL!)
  28. I received my first ever speeding ticket …. and then my second ever a month later. Ugh!
  29. I discovered and made new friends via twitter.
  30. I was asked to participate on an insurance company’s technology committee and agents advisory board.
  31. I was asked to participate on the AMS Education Committee again.
  32. I realized some of your least favorite people in high school can become some of your closest friends when you grow up.
  33. I decided not to take myself too seriously
  34. I’ve formed some of the closest relationships I’ve had in my adult life with some of the most amazing friends in the whole wide world!