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I just discovered this blog a few days ago after seeing a “shared” post by my friend Nibby Priest.  If you use Google Reader, you can share posts that you find interesting.  Friends can then “follow” you and read the posts that you share.  I have discovered several sites that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own this way.  (for more on Google Reader tips/tricks, check out their blog

The post that caught my eye was a free e-cookbook download. I love to cook, but have a tough time during the work week.  I always seem to fall back on the same old recipes that I’m most familiar with making.  It’s kind of rough when the kids keep saying “not THAT again!”.  What I really love about this cookbook – all the recipes have 5 ingredients and take 10 minutes!  Seriously!!!

After downloading and checking out the recipes, I decided to read back through older posts.  I love the concept of minimalist cooking and am excited to learn more about it.

The author also decided to go vegetarian for the month of May.  One of my goals this year is to cut down on meat and eat healthier.  I’m thrilled with some of the simple, easy recipes she has posted (and the photos are beautiful – I don’t recommend looking at them until after you’ve eaten.  I’m starving right now).

Posts I’m reading:

Ooooo – and I just found the “Start Here” section …. yes, I’m a bit slow.  She’s listed out the top posts from the site here.

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