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Or as my friend Nikky says – “I’m going to do these things or die trying!”

I started this vision board a few weeks ago, then realized today it’s silly to wait until it’s done to publish it as it will never truly be finished.  I’m posting this today, and will go back and add and update as needed.  I’ve almost got one knocked off the list – I ordered my new MacBook Pro on Tuesday (should be here Mon or Tues next week).

1. This gorgeous rental house in Italy near Camaiore – I WILL be staying here on my dream trip to Italy.

2. Happiness! – I’m happier than I’ve been in years, but will always continue to strive for happiness in my life.  (Happiness Group Rocks!) … Which reminds me, I should probably write a post about Happiness Group — adds to to-do list.

3. Vernazza Italy – Part of the Cinque Terre and one of my dream destinations.  A few years ago, Heather Hunter (aka This Fish), traveled around Europe for a writing gig.  She visited Vernazza and took some amazing pictures which she posted to the blog the company set up for her to write at.  (I can’t remember the name of it, and not sure if it’s still online, but I’m checking)  Ever since reading her posts and seeing the pictures, I’ve been dying to visit.

4. MacBook Pro – Check!

5. Digital SLR camera – I love taking pictures, but have never had a really good camera to take them with.

6. Machu Picchu – My brother’s friend spent a couple months in South America recently.  As he described some of his travels, my first question was “Machu Picchu??”, to which he replied “Yes!”  He ended up taking quite the interesting route to Cuzco (nearest city in Peru) and definitely enjoyed the experience.  He did say that the site is far more touristy than you expect from the pictures.  I would love to look on it with my own eyes!


An amazing friend made this for my birthday.  It completely surprised me, made me smile, and yes, I did squeal a bit.  I love the quotes, one on the bottom of my dream box and the other inside the lid.  She also included the date and her name on the inside cover as well so I will always remember.  This is the perfect place to hold all of my Mondo Beyondo dreams!

Thank you Rebeca!!  I love it!

I’ve been feeling off lately.  Not in a physical sick kind of way, but in a exhausted, lack of creativity, don’t want to think about things kind of way.  In fact, it lasted for the last half of April into the beginning half of May.  This happens periodically and I have yet to narrow down the causes.

A few weeks ago, I read on a blog about a woman going through the same kind of thing.  In fact, it seems to be fairly common in the blogs I visit.  She felt like she was in a funk for lack of a better phrase.  To boot herself out of it and re-envigorate her creativity, she signed up for an online class called Mondo Beyondo.  I checked it out and found myself fascinated.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the class and all of a sudden I was excited about something again!!  I kept telling myself I should wait and not sign up for something spur of the moment, but it kept calling to me.  I decided to give myself an early birthday present and signed up – I couldn’t resist.

Class started officially on Monday, but last week (week zero) they posted the most beautiful, amazingly inspirational pieces.  The e-zine Beginnings by Jen Lemen has been printed on my color printer and waiting to be bound … or maybe just framed on my walls!

If anyone else is feeling down, or ready to change things up and create wild impossible dreams, check out the class.  I’m pretty sure they will be starting another one this fall.  I’m only five days into the class and already feeling amazing.  I highly recommend it!

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