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Wow!  It’s Friday already – where did the week go??

I’m scrambling a bit trying to find some new music for this week.  I’m still obsessed with Mumford & Sons from last week.  Add to that the recent downloads of Jack Johnson and Jakob Dylan and I find I’ve been listening to a lot of already posted New Music this week.

All that being said, I’m choosing something a little different this week.  I’ve heard this song before (actually I own it already), but I haven’t seen the video before – so it’s kind of a New Video Friday instead.

Michael Tolcher: Speed Feels Better

During my YouTube searching, I found this video – which is pretty darn cool.   If you click through to YouTube to watch it, the uploader says this was a “private little show for my 21st b-day back in 2006.”  Can you say totally jealous?   I haven’t heard this song by him before, but I’m trying to track it down for my library.  Love it!  (hey what do you know – it is a New Music Friday!!)

Michael Tolcher: Give Me Your Hand

Update: I found it – it’s available on iTunes on his See You Soon – EP – released August 05, 2008


NPR Music has an App!!

I downloaded the app, and discovered Bonnaroo! This discovery is yet another moment where I feel like I’ve been living in a cave for the last few years.  Bonnaroo is a music and arts festival in Tennessee.  They’re celebrating their tenth anniversary next year, so there were apparently 8 other times I could have noticed this event and didn’t ??

The music lineup is incredible.  Norah Jones, Dave Matthews Band, National, and She & Him are just a few that jumped out at me.  Now I’m wondering how much tickets cost and who do I want to talk into going with me next year!

Back to the NPR Music app – I love that I can listen to entire concerts (DMB at Bonnaroo!) via the app for free.  I also love that they focus on new listens and musicians I’ve never heard of before.  They also have a world music section that I’m quickly diving into.

New Music for this week – Discovered via the NPR app.

Mumford & Sons: Winter Winds  (at the 1:17 mark – one of my “rest” options for the weekend via Dream Lab!)

Mumford & Sons: Little Lion Man (LOVE this one!!)

The “Sigh No More” album, released 2/16/10, has been added to my wishlist!

I tend to get in a rut with music, listening to the same artists over and over.  It gets a bit repetitious.  To fulfill my goal of scoping out new favorites, I have been posting New Music Fridays the last few weeks.  (or at least, New Music to Me).

Since I’ve been spending a bit of time in iTunes this week (updating my iPhone, and setting up the new iPod Touch) I decided to check out the Genius Recommendations for me.  This took me to Michelle Branch, which led me to Whitney Duncan.  I will admit, I like Country music.  I like Country music I can sing along to.  I have the feeling I will be singing along with this one for awhile.

Whitney Duncan: When I Said I Would

I originally saw this video after finding out Sufjan Stevens was on Letterman.  Of course I found out the morning after the event.  I spent some time searching for a video clip online (and then just followed a link from a friend on facebook).  I went to high school with Sufjan, although I’m sure he would have no clue who I am.  It’s just fun being able to say – “Hey, I know him … kinda”.

(Sufjan is on the right with the tambourine)

The National: Afraid of Everyone

More Sufjan Stevens:

(Wow 1,446,000 views!!)

I enjoy the Tiny Desk Concerts on  During a few free minutes a couple weeks ago, I watched the Jakob Dylan Tiny Desk Concert (here).  I fell in love with the song “Nothing but the Whole Wide World”, so added it to my wish list in iTunes.  With my birthday spending still on an unreserved rampage, I ended up buying the album.  I’m enjoying it! 🙂

Tiny Desk Concert: Jakob Dylan

Jakob Dylan on Letterman: Nothing but the Whole Wide World

I can’t decide if I like the acoustic version better than the regular. I’ll have to listen to them again to decide :).

I have started listening to Pandora radio … again … on my iPhone. I ran across this artist while listening to my Sara Bareilles channel. I love the summer, beachy feel to his music. Especially as I look out the window to see a gray rainy day.


Jack Johnson, You and Your Heart

And hey!  He has an accordion in this one!

This is the song that I heard on Pandora:

Jack Johnson, Sitting, Waiting, Wishing – I love this video!!

One of our tasks in Mondo Beyondo last week was to identify our energizers – those things that we do that bring energy to our lives.  They can be big or small and they are completely individual.  I realized while thinking about it that music is a huge energizer of mine.

Oddly enough – a few of my favorite bloggers have been posting new music that they’re listening to.  In fact Maggie from Mighty Girl is posting Friday Mixtapes as she tries to accomplish her goal of listening to 1000 new songs from her Mighty List.  I love this idea, but have no idea if I can commit to a certain amount or a certain day, so I’ll just post my music finds when I can!

One of my favorites came from All Songs Considered recently.  This was the first time I stumbled across Project Song (I think I saw it from a post on Facebook? You can “like” them here

Moby created this song in an insanely short period of time.  I love it.  I also love Kelli Scarr’s voice so I’m looking into songs by her next.

You can watch the making of the song on NPR’s website here –