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I love the internet!!!  I found my new music this week from Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl fame.  She has been posting a Friday Mixtape for the last few months as she strives to reach her Life List goal of listening to 1000 new songs (she’s up to 362!).  Most of the artists she highlights are people I’ve never heard of before, some I like, some are interesting but not quite my cup of tea.  I was therefore a bit surprised to see Eddie Vedder highlighted today.

I clicked through to the video and discovered that Eddie sings the soundtrack to “Into the Wild”.  Now, Into the Wild is a book that I’ve had on my to-be-read shelf for about 2 years.  I haven’t read the book yet, and haven’t seen the movie, although after reading the description on iTunes for the soundtrack, and watching the first video clip below, I now know the story line.

I absolutely love this music, and I have the feeling the book will jump to the top of the stack to be read.  I usually like to read the book before watching the movie.   After listening to this music I’m dying to watch the movie and see how it interrelates.  Therefore – I foresee some reading in my future this weekend!

Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun (Into the Wild soundtrack)

Eddie Vedder – Society (Into the Wild soundtrack